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Independent’s Christian Dean – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by KTAG

Both Christian Dean and Joseph Recalde-Phillips are unsung heroes. These two will run through a wall for you and ask you what else you need done. They can cause problems on both sides of the floor,” said head coach Tyler Keim.

VYPE Magazine caught up with Christian Dean to learn more about the junior guard and what makes him such a special player for The Independent.

VYPE: Christian, what do you love most about your team and teammates?

Dean: What I love most about my team is that we’re like a family. Every practice and game we try to bring positive energy to one another as well as hold each other accountable. This teams attitude towards the game of basketball is truly one of a kind and has made this season very enjoyable.

VYPE: What is your favorite subject in school and who is your favorite teacher?

Dean: My favorite subjects is science because I love all of the interesting scientific experiments and projects I get to participate in. I really enjoy adding my own creative elements to the science projects. I love all of my teachers at TIS but one teacher that has made a large impact on me as a student is Mr. Andra. He has pushed me every day to become a better student. He also came to class with a positive attitude every day which made math really fun to learn.

VYPE: Who has been in big influence in your life, on or off the court?

Dean: I think my family has a large influence on me, but my biggest influence in life was my father who passed away due to cancer. He was a hardworking dentist, basketball coach, friend, and truly was the best father I could ask for. He not only loved our family, but he also loved the game of basketball. He taught me a lot about the game of basketball and he is the reason I still play basketball today.

VYPE: What does it mean to you when you hear coach calling you one of the unsung heroes of the team?

Dean: Being the unsung hero in basketball to me means doing the little things that don’t show up on stat sheets to help the team win. My father taught me that it’s important to do your best in all tasks no matter how big or small. Every game I try to do the small things well like set good screens, make smart passes, play hard defense, and encourage my teammates. These tasks are small, but I believe they help you win games.

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