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The Independent School’s Brenna Estep – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Advanced Physical Therapy

TIS athlete Brenna Estep Told VYPE in a recent interview “my personal goals for this year are to establish connections and get to know most people in this school, as well as making sure that I’m working as hard as I can without over working myself”.

Estep who is a TIS cheerleader and tennis player also participates in “the school play”. Saying “I’m not a part of any clubs in particular, however, I do help out wherever I can to make sure that everything is as prepared as it can be for events that they plan”.

In keeping with her goals Estep shared that “the most fun I have had this school year has been homecoming and all the new connections I made with people”. Although a favorite athletic moment of hers shows a much more relaxed undertone as she expressed “my favorite athletic memories always come from the peaceful bus or car ride home from events, where everyone has worked so hard and deserves some rest”.

“I love being on the cheer team because I enjoy supporting people and the people around me are supportive of me” said Estep.

Notable among those teammates is Reagan Hill who Estep says is the one who has left the biggest impression on her “because her and I can seem to talk about anything and understand each other”.

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