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Independent’s Kingston Selmon – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Hutchinson Community College

The Independent School basketball player Kingston Selmon told VYPE in a recent interview “Our team has such great chemistry with each other, we compete hard at practice, push each other to be better every day, and everyone does their part to achieve our goal”. “I’ve been very fortunate to have a ton of great teammates but I would have to say our freshman Luke Henderson, Jaylen Phillips Grey, and my little brother Oliver Selmon have really left an impact on me. Every night they play with maturity beyond their years and it’s been very impressive to be apart of” said Selmon.

Selmon explained that “Basketball has taught me numerous things but I’d say the most important one is too stay confident in yourself, there’s gonna be games where you shoot 12 for 15 and you feel like you can’t miss but there’s also going to be games where you might go 4 for 15. It’s all about not letting your confidence in yourself waiver and finding what you CAN do to make an impact of the court to help your team win”. in fact, one of the greatest pieces of advice Selmon has ever been given reinforces this. He shared that advice with us saying it was “Just to work hard, there’s a lot not only in basketball but in life as well that you can’t control but what you can control is how hard you work at something”.

He also expressed that it is his family that inspires him the most. Sharing “My parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles have been so supportive with things like coming to all my games since I was little, taking me to every practice, and taking me to the gym. It might seem little but just their presence has made all the difference and it’s truly the reason I play”.

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