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Q&A with The Independent School’s Desmond McDonald – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Advanced Physical Therapy

TIS runner Desmond McDonald spoke with VYPE in a recent interview.

VYPE: What are your personal goals for the year?

To succeed academically and athletically so I can enjoy the rest of my senior year.

VYPE: What is your favorite athletic memory?

Probably sophomore year when I was put in the first heat of the 400m and dusted everybody by like 10 seconds.

VYPE: What teammate has left the biggest impression on you and why?

The teammate who has left the biggest impression on me is my friend Lucas who despite not being very strong has worked hard in the throwing events to improve his PR’s, I think we can all learn something from his dedication.

VYPE: What is your favorite part of being on this team?

My favorite part of being on the team is hanging out with my friends my senior year, as well as walking around and seeing everybody do their events at meets. 

VYPE: Do you participate in any community service projects?

I like to help out with the tech when our thespians club puts on plays as well as help run events at our lower school track meets.

VYPE: What Clubs or Campus groups are you involved with and why?

I am involved with the thespians club because I find it fun to be able to plan out how the lighting and effects will work during a play. 

VYPE: What has your sport taught you that you use in your daily life?

Perseverance, having to struggle through that last hundred meters in the four hundred or needing a massive throw to put you into the top three despite the odds. 

VYPE: What is the best advice that anyone has given you?

The best advice I’ve ever received was from my friend Charlie when he told me to join the track team my Sophomore year. 

VYPE: Who inspires you and why?

David Goggins has always inspired me with his story and his message that you can ALWAYS do more than you think you are capable of. 

VYPE: Here is your chance to give a shoutout or say thank you to anyone you wish.

I want to shout out my parents for the opportunities they’ve given me, as well as my track coaches for pushing me to be great, and finally my friends for always being there for me. 

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